Just a little bit smidge snippet dose about us.

Owner - Kayden Jacobson
Kayden grew up in a small town called Richfield located in the center of Utah. Kayden started his welding career at an early age of 11. He found his passion and, as a result, would soon find his creative passion. After graduating Kayden moved to Fallon, NV where he certified in in ASME, ANSI, B31.1, ANSI,31.3 and API 1104. Kayden now lives in St. George, UT and enjoys spending time with family, running his own business, hiking and RZR rides.
Welder - Jason Jacobson
Jason grew up in Richfield, UT and has been welding for over 20 years. Jason has expertise in welding and can weld just about everything from big construction equipment to trailers to other small projects. He enjoys riding on the mountains, spending time with his kids, and keeping busy doing work around his house.
Business Marketing - Nathan Jacobson
Nathan also grew up in Richfield, UT. After high school, Nathan moved to St. George where he graduated with his Doctorate in Business Administration and found his passion creating websites, business marketing, and running his own business . He also enjoys being with his family, camping, and creating with adobe photoshop and adobe premiere.

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