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At EFI, each member of our team is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and certified for work you can trust. Our #1 priority is your satisfaction and providing unmatched quality.

With EFI You Can Count On

Detailed Work

Attention to detail and highly skilled welders creates professional welding and fabrication. EFI’s work is unsurpassed, down to the last detail.

Fast Turnaround

Quick turnaround times meet high quality when you choose to work with EFI.


We’re based out of St. George, UT and provide services from Salt Lake City to St. George.

Professional Experience

We specialize in building accessories, fixing equipment of any size, and can weld steel and aluminum. Your satisfaction is our priority so you can count on an enjoyable working experience with an emphasis on quality.

Our Services

Heavy Duty/Specialty

Excavator / Loader Bucket

Adapters, liners, wear bars, teeth conversions, screening buckets, cutting edges, pins / bushings etc.

Excavator Thumb

Repairs / modifications

Excavator Boom & Stick

Crack repairs


Rippers, liners, wear guards,
crack repairs

Haul Truck

Liners, crack repairs


Pockets and hangers replacement


Wheel rebuilds, shafts/bearings

Custom Attachment

Fabrication/repairs – grading beams, grapples, and more

Mobile Repair

From small to heavy construction equipment, you can count on us to fix it with our mobile services.

Our Core Values


We always speak the truth and abide by strong moral principles. We understand that integrity is key in our role with building an elite team and operating a successful business.


We are a team. We agree to always treat our vendors, customers, and team members with the utmost respect. “Honor thy welder” “Honor thy customer”


We understand that good enough isn’t at Elevated Fab Industries. We always deliver products and services with an unmatched degree of excellence.


We always adapt and overcome when we are faced with tough problems or challenges and always strive to focus on cooperation and come to a resolution, not a compromise.


We always deliver products and services with unmatched accuracy and exceptional quality that add value to our vendors, customers, and team members for the long term. We are committed to staying on a path of constant and never ending improvement and innovation.


We always speak the truth to our vendors, customers, and team members. What we promise is what we deliver. We only ever make agreements with our team and others that we are willing and intend to keep.

About Us

Our highly specialized team can weld stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel in any application. We are proud to be 6-G certified in Tig, Mig, and Stick Welding to ensure professional quality of our products and services for any job.

Our history in geothermal power plants means we bring strict welding codes/procedures of pipe welding in the oil and gas industry and implement it to the heavy equipment repair industry. We have worked on refineries, power plants, and drill rigs as well as structural and personal projects.

If you can imagine it, our team can create it!

Kayden Jacobson

Owner, Professional Fabricator

Roy Armstrong

Shop Manager

Jason Jacobson

Professional Fabricator

Josh Bergey

Professional Fabricator

Barry MacLean

Professional Fabricator

Tre Griffith

Professional Fabricator

Luke Wilkinson

Professional Fabricator

Wyatt Childers

Professional Fabricator

Hadleah Yergensen

CNC Plas Operator

Quality Work


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